It’s a Market Life for us

As Sway Living prepare for the Spring/Summer market season, I pause to reflect on my personal market history/addiction…..

In some form or another I’ve been flogging my wares at markets for most of my life.

At 12 years of age, my bestie and I lovingly crafted a selection of padded photo frames (think  1980s Laura ashley fabrics, brightly coloured lace and excessive amounts of PVA glue), put up a sign at the local primary school fair and waited for the money to roll in. Luckily for us, it only took a few hours in the hot sun to make our first sale – a sympathetic school mate bought a (slightly sweaty) jar of our re-gifted strawberry soaps as a present for his mum.  And just like that, I was hooked!

Over the years I’ve been a seller at many markets, including universities, Camberwell Sunday Market, Mornington Peninsula Crafts, School Fetes, Designer, local trash and treasure, Queen Vic and everything in between.

I’ve sold vintage clothes, bric-a-brac, and my own creations; rolled out of bed when there’s still a 5 (or worse, a 4) on the clock; stood in the freezing cold rain of winter and suffered from heat-stroke in the summer; kept a smile (and not at all desperate look) on my face when I’ve sold nada; been robbed of my days takings; intimidated by other stall holders; jammed my business partner’s hand in the door while unpacking; broken the back windscreen of the car while packing; AND endured every market holders bane of existence – the all-knowing customer who says “oh, I could make/buy that for so much cheaper”……and this is just the condensed list!

I bet you’re asking yourself…….”WTF! Why do it!?”

Because I can’t not.

There is a certain thrill in seeing your little stall all set up, sharing your passion with like-minded customers who appreciate your product and enjoy a chat.  Establishing friendships with other stall holders who you meet up with once a month or twice a year, depending on the market in question.  The bacon/avocado rolls for breakfast and the much-longed-for afternoon nap when you get home.  And if you make a sale – all the better, it’s been a great day!

All of these pros more than make up for the cons.

Speak to any long-term Market Stall Holder/Junkie and they’ll tell you the same.  We love our product, the special market atmosphere and our diverse customers.

If you happen to see us on your market travels, please stop by to say “Hi” and have a chat.  Ash and I will be the ones eating bacon/avocado rolls and trying not to look too desperate for a sale……..I wonder what this Spring/Summer will bring?

Love Marnie x

So far, Sway Living are confirmed for Emu Plains Market  , The Big Bayside & Peninsula Design Market  , Primrose Design Market and The Design Anarchy  for this season – I’ll add to the list as more come in.





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